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Mini-Camp for Soccer Players Summer 2018

Mini-Camp for Soccer Players

Camp will improve soccer IQ, tactical skills, passing, dribbling, how to defend and different ways of scoring
For Players born 2011 & 2010, 2009 - 2007, 2006 - 2003

Dates: 6/25 - 6/27 (rain-date 6/28)
Time: 9-11am
Location: Mount Sinai Elementary School - grass field
Cost: $85 per player

Strength, agility, core Training Summer 2018

Strength, agility, core, quickness, speed and endurance circuit training
(This session focuses on lower and upper body muscle development and injury prevention)

Girls teams - U13 & up
Dates: 7/16-7/26 (Mon-Thurs)
Time: 6-7pm
Location: Performance Medical and Rehab
cost: $120 per player

Boys teams - U14 & up
Dates: 7/16-7/26 (Mon-Thurs)
Time: 7:15-8:15pm
Location: Performance Medical and Rehab
cost: $120 per player

Summer Training clinics for Soccer Players Summer 2018

Summer Training clinics for Soccer Players
--------For players born 2009 - 2007

Soccer tournaments/competitions, shooting, technical and tactical development, plus keeper training on day 1

--------For players born 2006 - 2004

Speed, agility, core & daily small-sided tournaments, finishing plus keeper training

Dates: 7/16-7/19 (Mon-Thurs)
Time: 9-12pm
Location: Sports Arena
cost: $130 per player

For players born 2011 & 2010

Technical and tactical activities - dribbling, passing, shooting plus fun soccer-related games

Dates: 7/16-7/19 (Mon-Thurs)
Time: 9-10:30am
Location: Sports Arena
cost: $90 per player

One Day Round-robin tournament Summer 2018

One Day Round-robin tournament, plus PK & Free-kick competition
For players born 2002-2005

Date: 7/20 (Friday only)
Time: 9-12pm
Location: Sports Arena
Cost: $30 per player
(Teams & rules will be determined by trainers prior to games)
Prizes will be awarded to winning teams and most outstanding keepers

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Mt. Sinai Soccer was established to create a fun and exciting environment in which children may learn the skills necessary to play soccer at any level. Our club continues to grow and we have more than 500 young athletes participating in both the Fall and Spring Seasons. Mt. Sinai Soccer employs Evolution Training Academy (ETA) to provide professional training, coaching (optional) and to assist our volunteer coaches with teaching the skills and fundamentals required to enjoy competitive soccer. While learning the game is important, the number one priority of our league is that the children have fun!

Mt. Sinai Soccer has many programs that offer different levels of competition for our club members based on age and skill level.